Laura Children’s Home

Laura Children’s Home was founded by Mr. Elijah Bet and his wife Rachael, who had opened their home to orphans and children in need, offering them love and care and enabling them to receive education.

With the help of many friends and donors, Laura Children’s home has grown into a solid institution and launched several projects throughout the years, including agricultural activities, a medical dispensary open to local community, a library and college educational center, all aimed at improving children’s life conditions and contributing to financial sustainability.

Officially recognized by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, Laura Children’s continues to host orphans or abandoned children, due to poverty, superstition or social stigmas.


Bet’s family
Elijah and Rachael Bet (on the righ) with the son Enock and his family

Playing at Laura Children’s Home